The 13 signs that made me realize I am a healer

People often ask me “How did you know you wanted to pursue a career in Holistic Therapy? What experience made you realize that you were a healer?”

Here are the 13 signs:

1. You notice that strangers tend to open up to you very easily.
2. You tend to have very vivid dreams about yourself & others.
3. You feel a deep need to help people – as if it’s apart of your life’s mission.
4. You feel overwhelmed by crowds and often need to recharge after large scale or crowded events.
5. You self-identify as a conscious or spiritual person having a human experience.
6. You are highly sensitive to the energies around you and can be very emotional.
7. You have experienced depression before and/or been diagnosed with anxiety.
8. You can feel the energy radiating off of others, especially if it’s negative.
9. You are the person that people often turn to for comfort.
10. You love crystals, herbs, and plants that have healing properties.
11. You often feel extremely exhausted after social events.
12. You are the one people call on for positive solutions and ideas.
13. You have experienced trauma that has changed your life.

I realized that I was destined to be a Healer when I was constantly attracting broken people and in return I felt broken too. I felt like it was my purpose to fix them. But I had to learn how to heal myself first, so that I could help others on their paths as well.

All my life, I have had the empathetic ability to feel the pain of others which then inspired me to want to help or contribute in some kind of way. I know how it feels to have nothing, to be alone and to struggle. Life experiences prepared me in a knowledgable way that education could only supplement.

In times of stress, I would often notice how I would ask the right questions that would then inspire others to self-reflect for positive change or that people would be willing to show me their inner most darkest secrets as I helped to soothe them for comfort. I have a deep level of appreciation for the trust and level of vulnerability others. I also respect the privacy and the need for space. My understanding and knowledge from past situations has prepared me for the holistic healing of the mind, body, and spirit of others.

In addition, I often have vivid dreams about myself or others that are close to me. Most of the times the dreams are about situations they would never tell me about. But there has always been an inner knowing or “intuition” that would always steer me in the right direction to deliver a divine message to my loved ones. As an intuitive, I believe that I have a divine connection and relationship to God, it’s in his will that warring angels constantly surrounds me and that the power of the Holy Spirit is vested in me. I am a psychic because I can spiritually communicate with God’s angels for help, clarity and receive divine guidance through the power of the Holy Spirit. I also help my clients find the answers they need in the process. With those answers, we can strategically develop a plan of action for coaching and inspiration in the right direction.

I am also a very emotional person who can sense energies all around me. If I didn’t have physical eyes to visually see, I would be able to feel my surroundings around me just based off their energetic vibration. I can close my eyes and still feel everything around me. Everything has an energetic property attached to it, including our thoughts and our own human spirit. I feel those vibrations which allows me to pick up divine messages and see things the human eye may not be able to comprehend in this physical dimension. This makes me very anxious in big crowds or around a lot of people but as a public speaker who often reaches out to thousands I just take extra time to recharge to prepare before and replenish my energy after a large event.

Last but not least, motherhood and the experiences before it shaped my life the most. During my pregnancy, I faced many difficulties, trials and tribulations. But it was through the trauma that I become a wiser, stronger and better person. I am living my best life and in the process I want to heal and teach others the same along the way too.

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