Celebration of A Silenced People


There’s a failing education system,

Falling underneath our feet

Like cracks in the concrete

But we call this foundation –  a system.


The fear that my children

will become trapped in their circumstances,

Pulling themselves up,

from their tangled boot straps,

But still considered just society’s victim…


Slowly dying is the basic means of surviving,

Foreclosure homes,

minimum wage living,

Banks want a second chance,

But I bet you they’ll still evict them,


My taxes steadily rising,

but my paychecks are getting smaller,

Corporations undying disbelief in responsibilities,

So when it’s time to take this country farther,

They are the first to go hiding…

It is time…

There’s no denying.


A beautiful country is falling apart,

But no one cares anymore,

Their emotions come from their greed

itself and not from the heart

Poverty stricken,


uneducated people

Unconsciously feeding into the media like zombies…

Taking away from the less fortunate,

will not be the solution to a future thriving economy,


It is time …

There’s no denying,


Heal our people,

Invest in jobs,

and take of the real public servants,

Our teachers,

police force,


and American achievers


Who are slowly being demoralized,

because of political-bribing,

We must all pay our share,

And serve our public

for the sake of equality  and what’s fair,

I rather work hard,

Knowing my money is being used to help others,

And not the banks or corporations

Who only believe

our backwards is their forward…


It is there…

There’s no denying,

Sometimes the fear of dying is the only way

we will stand up for our life…