Doula Services

My child birth experience was far from ideal, including an induction that lasted three days, my water breaking with no sign of contractions, dialating 6 cms yet my daughter’s head being in the wrong position and stuck in my pelvis, and being confined to bed for continuous monitoring. Even with all of this, I fell in love with birth.
Between the time my daughter was born and finding out my pregenancy, I came to realize a need for education, support, and, most importantly, hope in the world of pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood.


Your body has been beautifully designed to do this work. There is hope for you, for your family, for your baby.


Hi! I’m Dorthea! Loving partner, mother of one, and ExpertingRating certified doula serving the Midwest, Southeast MI, Detroit and surrounding areas. My passion is for serving women and their families through pregnancy and birth. It is an honor to serve you. Send me an email to schedule your free consultation!