Fool’s Gold

You gave me presents,

That had no worth,

But in your presence,

You gave me worth.


With the lies you’ve told,

I was captured,

But it was fool’s gold,


You painted a picture,

Gave me songs,

And wrote me literature:


To feel loved,

To  feel admired,

To feel above,

To feel inspired

To feel needed,

To feel cared for,

To feel treated.


So I gave my all to you,

And now I feel poor,

Used, abused and lied to….


Your love seemed sweet as honey,

Presence felt like gold,

I gave my time like money…


Your lies was music to my ears

It was fun playing your games,

I stuck around for years…


Yet it all stayed the same.


Out of all the stories told,

I still fell in love, and now I’m broken up to pieces,

All for your fool’s gold…


– Dorthea Thomas