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My portfolio showcases various healing art projects created throughout my career in holistic healing. This is my story and journey. Music is what feeling sounds like. Meditation produces magic. Thank you for joining my magical, musical, and meditative experience. See my contact information below to purchase albums and get in touch.

Newest Release

“Soul Full of Sunshine”

This project is fresh and spontaneous, highlighting the artist’s personality and her ability to constantly explore new ideas. The first thing you’ll notice is certainly the high quality of this production, in terms of sonic aesthetics. Her voice is soothing and spontaneous, showcasing a strong passion for vocal hooks that are catchy, but also loaded with meaning and integrity. This is music that creates a stronger bond with the audience, and it is so much more than plain entertainment! Find out more about Goddess Dorthea, and do not miss out on her new music. The release is going to be available on some of the best digital music streaming services on the web for pre-release 7/17/21.

All Soul Healing Art Projects

All Guided Meditations were created to assist with the holistic healing of my Soul Mate Clients. All coaching packages include using meditations as rituals to heal the mind, body and soul.

Modern Soul Sister is a mystical and metaphysical experience channelled through music. It was a transformational and healing experience that led towards my healing recorded in real-time..The Album takes you on an intentional metaphysical experience working from up from the Root Chakra with the single “Root to Crown” up to the Crown Chakra with a trap-gospel inspired masterpiece titled “Living Legend.” 

Mystic Meditation Music is an album of empowering meditations to manifest and to help co-create your reality. Music is spiritual. Meditation is sacred. These songs will empower your spirit and motivate you to become the highest version of Self.



Sacred In2MeSee

Divine Goddess Awakening

Soulful Healing Meditations

Soul Full of Sunshine

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