I am Miss Dorthea Enrique, an intuitive empath, holistic healer, healing arts practitioner, and spiritual life coach.

I specialize in – energy healing – intuitive empathic life coaching – angel communication, prayers, and meditation to help others achieve holistic healing and spiritual wellness to manifest their dreams and live their best life.

My spiritual tools are: intuitive numerology, astrology, angel cards, dream interpretation, angel and spiritual guided meditations and prayers My writing and reading style is compassionate and wise.

I speak to Spirit directly to help my clients receive the clarity and guidance they need in life. I have over 10 years of experience coaching others and have been communicating with Angels since I was 6 years old.

Learning from my grandmother about holy spiritual connection and deep prayer I come from a family that is deeply intuitive and is able to communicate with Spirit. If there is a message you need to receive, I can help you receive the clarity and guidance you need through my spirutal writing and card readings.

Psychic Resume - Miss Dortheá Enriqúe (1).png


Expert Rating - Life Coach-page-001
NHR Certification-page-001


Women’s Commission Scholarship, 2009
Marcus Garvey NAACP Image Award, 2010
Student Government Vice President’s Senator of the Semester Award, 2010
CLEO Scholars Certificate of Completion 2010
National Conference for College Women Leaders Scholarship, 2011
Student Government Executive Board Member of the Year Award, 2011
The White House Project “Go Run” training 2011, NAACP Malcolm X Community Award 2012
Red Cross Community Partnership Certificate of Appreciation, 2012
Associated Service to Women Student Scholarship 2012-2013
People For the American Way YP4 Fellowship, 2012-2013
C2C Bard Center for Environmental Policy Fellowship, 2013
NAACP National Environmental and Climate Justice Leadership Program, 2013
New Organizing Institute Climate Justice Leadership Fellow, 2014
Minority Women in Leadership “College Girls Rock” Award, 2015
Chicago Votes “Madame President” Award, 2015

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