One Hour Soul Sessions & Spiritual Services

My style of Spiritual Life Coaching is earth-based and includes a process of self-discovery to find the divinity within. I value, understand, and appreciate the power of Christ’s light consciousness and I also feel deeply connected to my Ancestors and our ancient traditions. I channel light energy and embody an angelic presence.

My certified holistic therapy practice also involves using my intuitive abilities in assisting people to identify and realize their goals, dreams, and aspirations by making them more self-aware.

With my experience, connection to Spirit, and educational background, I am able to develop my clients’ hidden talents and manifest their true potential by helping to heal the mind, body, and spirit in the process.


For details on individual or group Coaching Services packages, please feel free to submit your request here:


Miss Dortheá Enriqúe
Spiritual Life Coach & Holistic Therapist
Modern Soul Sister

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